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directly at the united states. the communist nation says it plans to carry out a nuclear test and more long-range rocket launches. >> state media made the announcement that north korea was locked in an all-out war of confrontation with its arch enemy, the united states. >> it's archenemy, the united states. >> stephen: whoa, archenemies? folks, this is a serious increase in hostilities and i cannot sit idly by while they make these threats. so i want to say something right now to north korea. heeeeey. [ laughter ] heeeeey. [ laughter ] democratic people's republic of korea. we need to talk. [ laughter ] look, uhh, we're flattered that you think of us as archenemies, but that's kind of taking our relationship to a whole other level. kind of a big commitment and i'm not sure we're ready for that. [ laughter ] i mean we just got out of a 50-year archenemy thing with the soviets and that was really special. [ laughter ] you're lucky if you hate somebody like that once in a lifetime. [ laughter ] and since then we thought we'd play the field. tried to have some quickies with iraq and afghanistan
solemnly affirm that i will faithfully reject this president of the united states. and will, to the best of your knowledge, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution, and ensure he's a one two-term president. in sickness and in health, so help me god, play ball, the tribe has spoken, ba ba ba ba-da! i'm lovin' it! [cheers and applause] we'll be right back. we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] for the new mattress models but sleep train's huge year end clearance we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] is ending soon. for a short time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and free same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. thank you very much. folks, it's cold and flu season, and let me tell you purell just doesn't work. i've been chugging that stuff for weeks and i still feel nauseous
ago in the fertile crescent and in large parts of united states, rural areas we're living largely traditional today. >> stephen: there are parts of united states that live as we lived 5,000 years? >> there are parts of the united states where some things. >> we went to montana we spend our vacation. if there's an argument between neighboring ranchers they don't call in lawyers or the police they settle it themselves as people did traditionally. >> stephen: would you call them primitive or original societies -- societies? >> it's no longer politcally correct to say primitive. >> stephen: thensay primitive. the guys with the bones through the nose. we don't play it safe on this show. what can i learn from them. i'm the one with the civilization, shouldn't they be learning from me? >> they can learn before you but they bring up your children to be independent, self confident socially skilled. >> stephen: my children are independent. they have iphones. can i get them when i need to. they can go in the neighborhood. >> that ill illustrates the pro. in new new guinea where kids don't ha
of the constitution because article 3 says that the judicial power of the united states rests in the supreme court and the other federal courts. >> stephen: there's nothing in the constitution that says the constitution is constitutional. check and mate! [ laughter ] >> wrong again. >> stephen: okay. >> wrong again because the supremacy clause says that the constitution and the laws of the united states are the supreme law of the land. it's right there in the constitution. >> stephen: the states should pass a ratified new amendment that says be it known you are not -- >> if they did that it would be up to the federal courts courtso interpret it. >> stephen: will there be troops in tennessee telling local sheriffs to enforce this law? >> that's not going to happen? this is rhetoric. they have the executive orders. one of the executive orders calls for a dialog on mental health. >> stephen: the federal government cannot come in with jack booted dialoggers and talk about things we don't wish to consider. >> if you want to object to the dialog file a suit. can i recommend lawyers to you. >> stephen: i
and that brings us to tonight's word. [cheers and applause] united we stand off. president obama and his anti-gun storm troopers say it's okay for me to have a pistol. it's okay for me to have a rifle and a shotgun. but it's not okay for me to have military-style weaponry. maybe they've forgotten what the second amendment is. >> the founders feared government tyranny. >> the second amendment is about resistance to government tyranny. >> they never mentioned hunting and deer, they talked about freedom and liberty over tyranny. >> stephen: damn straight. like anybody setting up a new government the founders added a clause that said if you don't like what we're doing, feel free to shoot us. it's like -- [ laughter ] -- the second amendment is like the ultimate veto. it's almost like a constitutional prenup. that is why i and my friends at fox news have always stood with those who arm themselves against government tyranny, patriots like bill and the weather underground. [ laughter ] don't get me wrong, its founders didn't -- the founders didn't want us to engage in armed insurrection at the drop
of a lot like the united states' objective in afghanistan. >> in north mali you have islamic extremists, you have al qaeda, you have drug traffickers. this could become another afghanistan. >> this could be the next afghanistan. >> stephen: yes, the parallels are obvious. it's just like afghanistan, in that i don't know where mali is. [ laughter ] and the best part about this next afghanistan is that it won't be ours! the usa is nowhere near this thing. >> the us now today officially involved in the fight being waged by france in mali. >> us cargo jets have flown at least five missions in mali this week. >> stephen: sacre bleu! [ laughter ] so is france about to get themselves into an american-style quagmire, or is america about to get itself in a french style menage-a-quag? here to tell me is the director of the institute of french studies at nyu, edward berenson. thank you so much for join us -- joining us. okay. first of all, who or what is mali? and why do the french care? >> mali is what. >> stephen: okay, good. >> it's in northwest africa. it's a big. >> stephen: how big compared
't get a word of that. folks, the united states dollar bill deserves a signature worthy of a great nation. so to preserve the value of the money, i want you to send it to me. i'll erase his signature and replace it with mine, and then return it to you, minus a small handling fee. [ laughter[cheers and applause] >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. nation, i believe seven entitled to my own opinion. this is tip of the hat, wag of the finger. [cheers and applause] the tip and hat people are in the house. you know me boom. you know me, i'm a gadget guy. soifs disappointed to learn about a new invention that set our culture back. >> this is the hapifork. believe it or not this fork measure how's quickly you are eating. fit finds thawr eating too quickly it's going vibrate in europe hand and force you to slow down. >> stephen: first of all americans have something that make yours hand tremble so we stop eating. it's called a stroke. that's why i'm giving a wag of my finger to hapifork. this can comes from hong kong where they have a century's old tradition of tablewear that prevents you from e
we fix anywhere else? >> well, our big cause in the united states is education. we're incredibly thankful to all the help we had that allowed us to be successful. >> stephen: did you -- was there a bill gates in your past? was there somebody like bill gates in your snancht no, but the whole environment where i got a great education. my wife did. warren buffett who provides half of resphortsz foundation, he is super thankful he grew up here. we wanted to pick the most important thing for the country, whether it's equity or success for the country i think said case is the right choice. >> stephen: when you go around the world do you wear an american flag so people know it's american money, a ten gallon hat, something like that? do they know you're american? >> oh, yeah. they hope american innovation and generosity continues to lead the world. [cheers and applause] >> stephen: you can applaud america. [cheers and applause] you are not day-to-day at microsoft anymore. you are still charm but not day-to-day. >> that's right. >> stephen: do you miss the rough and tumble. do you say i'm
into the arena and run successfully for the presidency of united states, make them an historic figure, occupy the most powerful office in the world. it takes a lot of personal courage to do that and enormous eeg yes and determination to try to do something for the county. >> stephen: winning or running? >> both. to see how comfortable they are in the office of great power. for example, it's well known that among his aide and the president talked about this the other day he is not a great people person. he doesn't like hanging out with having people over and rolling up his sleeves. ronald reagan was a shy, reserved man. people don't realize this. >> stephen: really? >> he had a guard in front of him but he knew how to play the game. his staff of james baker and michael deaver and others would put together groups and he would be comfortable. george bush 41 was very par tritioned. he came from a prominent new england fax his son brought the texas ho down attitude about it getting things done. >> stephen: did you become friends with these guys? >> i don't think friends. with each of them i had my
to cost you more, and by forever i mean united states post office's forever stamp. come january 27, it goes up by one cent. [ laughter ] >> stephen: folks, i don't wanna brag but back in 2007, i bought dozens of forever stamps when they were still 41 cents a pop. now they're 46 cents. god knows how much that's worth. [ laughter ] every time i send a letter, that's pure profit! every second i'm not lickin', i'm losing money. [ laughter ] but as smart an investment as this was, it just proves the government can't do anything right. this price hike is an outrage. a penny?! let me get this straight, post office. i put a letter like this in a metal box on any street corner in, say, miami and within a couple days it's delivered in seattle, washington. and for that you want 46 cents? [ laughter ] you go to hell. [ laughter ] what -- what? what am i, made of cents? what's next? 47 cents?! there's no telling what's after that. [ laughter ] well screw the post office. at this price, i'll deliver my own letters, thank you. [ laughter ] note to self, check orbitz for flights to everywhere. [ l
. the police don't have them. people in britain don't have guns. >> stephen: you hate the united states constitution. >> i love it. >> stephen: have you ever read a copy of it. here is is a copy of it. >> thank you very much. it's a very nice copy. >> stephen: second amendment says "congress shall make no law --" they can make laws -- "no law -- do you speak english. >> we gave you our language as you know. >> stephen: we took it with our guns. [ laughter ] >> correct. >> stephen: at lexington concord, it was the shot heard round the world not the debate or whistle or report. we have a different experience than do you. >> you love your guns, i know you do. >> stephen: we do love our guns. how dear you tell americans how to live their lives. >> quietingly pointing out if my country where we have no guns we have 35-40 gun murders a year. in your country 11,000. i think where 20 young americans are blown to pieces, americans should say something has to be done. >> stephen: well, i think it's a cheap shot to bring up the subject we're talking about. [ laughter ] okay. fevers are running ver
of these united states or any individual state? if so, please elaborate." [ laughter ] yes! please elaborate! this is your chance to have someone fully read your 700-page manifesto on how the cia is collaborating with foreign bankers to rig the results on the voice. [ laughter ] oh, wake up. [ laughter ] then just submit your $208 application fee, payable in gold and or silver. [ laughter ] as the founders intended. or, as the founders also intended with paypal. [ laughter ] of course, you must solemnly pledge to uphold the citadel's 13-point patriot agreement which includes provisions "that every able-bodied patriot shall maintain one ar-15, at least 5 magazines and 1,000 rounds of ammunition..." and "annually demonstrate proficiency with the rifle by hitting a man-sized steel target at 100 yards with open sights," and "demonstrate proficiency with a handgun by hitting a man-sized steel target at 25 yards with open sights." [ laughter ] hitting man-sized steel targets of course, the only way to be prepared for invasions by tony stark. [ laughter ] and folks, i gotta tell you, i'm seriously
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 51 (some duplicates have been removed)